Physical Therapist and Acupuncture Specialist

About Brian Kennedy

The recession had hit and I always had a keen interest in sports and how the body works so I felt this was an opportunity to up skill. I started by training in Anatomy physiology and holistic massage in the Institute of Beauty in 2013. That course gave me a base to work from. I then studied in sports injury and rehabilitation management in the Waterford College of Further Education. As part of that course I needed to complete  work experience which I got from local junior league club Southend United football club in late 2013.

Later that year I was asked to work for the Oscar Traynor Waterford team. The following year I covered the Waterford inter league team youth team. In 2016, I started to study physical therapy in the.  This would give me more clinical skills to work within my own practice. While studying physical therapy, I was also studying Dry Needling, Cupping, Articular Acupuncture in the College of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. I felt by studying the eastern and western techniques with would give me the best of both worlds in treating people.

In 2016, I opened my own clinic in Waterford followed by a Dublin clinic in 2017. I work from both to this day. With my own clinic more opportunities have arisen.

I was physical therapist for the Waterford junior camogie team. I have also worked as physical therapist at Waterford FC.

I also looked after Ferrybank and De La Salle intermediate hurling teams. I’m currently physical therapist Shelbourne FC including the first team.

Shels Physio for 2021, Brian Kennedy is a club stalwart and is tasked with maintaining and preventing as well as reacting to players fitness concerns during the season.

Brian is responsible for several teams at the club including the First Team.

brian kennedy physical therapist profile

About Brian Kennedy

• Southend United Football Club Waterford 2013 – 2015
• Waterford Oscar Traynor  2014
• Waterford Inter League Team youth  2016
• Waterford FC Youth Team Physical Therapy 2016 – 2019
• Waterford junior camogie 2016
• De la salle senior camogie 2017 – present
• De la sale intermediate hurling 2018
• Ferrybank intermediate hurling 2017 – present
• IT Carlow basketball

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