Pitch Side First Aid

The use of trained pitch side first aid professionals at sporting events of all levels is becoming more common as clubs are committed to safeguarding the welfare of their players. The recognition, assessment and immediate on-site management of sports injuries are crucial to facilitate rehabilitation and to minimise further risk of harm to the athlete.  

Pitch side first aid incorporates immediate trauma care and sports injury management by professionally registered physical therapists.

Pitch SIde First Aid

Pre-match pitch side first aid:
  • Application of relevant strapping for injury support and prevention
  • Treatment including sports massage, muscle release & trigger point therapy
pitch side first aid During the match:
  • Application of best practices from the initial approach to an injured player through to treating on-pitch injuries, managing suspected spinal and head injuries, stabilizing fractures and joint injuries and concussion awareness
Post-match pitch side first aid:
  • Injury assessments and advice on required on necessary follow up treatment
  • Safe best practice and awareness of current regulations
  • Sports specific practical
  • A systematic approach to incident management using both primary and secondary surveys (ABCDE)
  • Vital Signs
  • Monitoring conscious casualties
  • Unconsciousness, causes and treatment using safe airway positions
  • External bleeding, internal bleeding and shock
  • CPR Resuscitation procedures, including multi-person CPR
  • Defibrillation and AED use
  • Choking
  • Assessing and treating common sports trauma injuries – head, neck, spine & limb.
I have previously worked with:
  • Southend United Football Club Waterford 
  • Waterford Oscar Traynor  
  • Waterford Inter League Team Youths
  • Waterford FC Youth Team Physical Therapy 
  • Waterford junior camogie 
  • De la salle senior camogie 
  • De la sale intermediate hurling 
  • Ferrybank intermediate hurling 
  • IT Carlow basketball