RIP Tool

RIP toolRIP Tool (Recovery Injury Prevention TOOL)

The more an individual trains; the more the muscle tissue in the body breaks down. Whether this training takes the form of running, golfing, cycling, football, swimming, weight-lifting or team activities – The Rip Tool aids in muscle recovery; prevents lost training time and reduced sporting activity.

The RIP tool ‘raises the bar’ in muscle recovery by:

  • removing tightness and pain from muscles
  • removing soreness from tendons
  • accelerating recovery from injury
  • most importantly, helping to prevent injury by releasing connective tissue.

For example; many people move only part of their backs when they walk. As a result, the connective tissue in the back is much less adaptable or movable. This immobility leads to a thickening and hardening of the tissue.

Proper use of The Rip Tool can help:

  • flush out this loss of function and promote muscle function to its full movement.
  • breakdown scar tissue by going direct to the area (as opposed to working the larger surrounding area with the hands).