Post-Race Massage Benefits

Post-Race Massage Benefits

After a quick discussion assessing your areas of discomfort or any chronic issues, I shake, rock, press and tap your muscles, trying to restore blood flow.  Post-race massage helps with your cool down process, relaxing contracted muscles and improving circulation.  It is a little lighter and faster than a deep tissue session, and may include stretching or body movements. I balance the pressure between accessing the muscles but not sending you into spasm or damaging already exhausted muscles. The soothing massage begins the healing process after a hard race.

Post-Race Massage Benefits

  • Benefits to expect from post-race massage:
  • Recover more quickly

  • Reduce chance of injury

  • Relax and lengthen your muscles

  • Improve Circulation

  • Relieve pain or muscle cramps

After your post-race sports massage:

Swedish massage, while having a reputation for being specifically pampering, can be a great benefit during your healing process. The message’s signature long, flowing strokes eases muscle tension and increases blood flow.

I’d recommend giving yourself at least three days to recover before scheduling a deep tissue session with us.  Deep tissue massage addresses both superficial and deeper muscles and fascia, and how they are interacting. The modality involves focused and work to improve problem areas.  Regular Deep Tissue massage during your training can help you avoid chronic pain, improve mobility and prevent injury. Healthy muscle tissue will help you run faster and longer.